What are you looking for
in a job?
A Good Wage? Challenging? Job Security? We have the job for you!

A Good Wage

Our Affinity Sales Program provides a great base pay with fantastic commissions on your sales.

Job Security

With our fast track mentoring program, we’ll help you build a team of 4 salespeople that will pay you bonuses on all of your mentee’s sales.


If you want a job where you can daydream your life away this is not it! Oh, we want you to dream big but you need to put in the time, network with partners and engage with consumers.

Tell Me More

You work from home.

You need –

A reliable computer

Internet connection

Self motivation

Excellent Verbal Communication Skills

English a must / Spanish helpful

What’s The Job?

Calling realtors to enroll them in our Realtor Referral Program. Our RRP program provides big discounts for their clients.

For the first 30 days your job is to call realtors and turn their clients into leads. A “Mentor” will make the sale.

Once you understand the presentation, equipment and services you can make the sale. The commission doubles when you make your own sale.

The Hours

The optimal time to reach realtors is from 9am – 2pm pst (Los Angeles).

We cover the entire US so your time might shift a few hours depending on where you are calling. We load potential targets into our CRM every morning.

Your 6 hour shift is spent prospecting and following up with potential clients.

The Pay

We offer a base pay plus $100 for each of your personal sales*.

If you show exceptional aptitude for this type of sale we’ll promote you to Mentor. Not only will you help someone provide a steady income, you’ll earn bonuses on all of their sales!

How Do I Get Started?

Be true to yourself. Can you talk to 50 people a day and handle rejection?

If sales were easy, we’d all be doing it. But there are many Noes before a Yes. Luckily, we have a proven script, that if you stick to it, you’ll achieve great success.

If this path is right for you, then pick a time to talk to one of our Mentors. You will receive a confirmation email with the selected date, time, phone number (or skype address) to call and a link to a pitch.

When you call, you will deliver the pitch to your mentor just as if you were doing your job. The better you sound, the better chance you have of landing the job. Good luck!

Please, many people are looking for a job like this so only book an appointment time if you plan on keeping it. Also, please be prompt on your call time. Remember, the call time is Pacific Standard Time/Los Angeles.

Set up a phone interview

Appointment times are pacific standard time (PST / Los Angeles)

Pick a time and submit your information. You will receive a confirmation email with the time, phone number to call and link to our pitch for your phone interview. Thank you for your interest in our position.

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